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C o m m e r c i a l s / I n t r o s

Right Guard Commercial

Patrick Macnee

circa 1970s

Battlestar Galactica Intro Narration

Patrick Macnee


Low Budget Time Machine

Patrick Macnee

circa 1990s

Neutrogena Oil

Diana Rigg

circa 2000s

ITV 50th Anniversary Advertisement

(features clips of the Avengers & Secret Agent)

V i d e o / F i l m

Painted Veil

Diana Rigg

(2006 - thanks to PURR)

Diana Rigg presents award to Richard Burton

(circa 70s? - thanks to PURR)

60s Television - The Avengers

ITV Must See TV

Joan Collins

circa ????

Each section is approximately 30mbytes

Angels and Demons

Patrick Macnee Narrates

circa 200X??

Extras - Cameo

Diana Rigg

September 2006

     Complete Episode (WMV)

Honour Opening Night

Diana Rigg, Martin Jarvis,

Georgina Rich, Natascha McElhone

14 February 2006

Cast principals shown

Diana Rigg Acceptance Speech

2000 BAFTA Awards

This Is Your Life

Patrick Macnee

circa 1980??

Theatre of Blood Movie Trailer
What Might Have Been

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Best Ever Bond: Lazenby / Rigg

On Her Majesty's Secret Service Movie Trailer
On Her Majesty's Secret Service Remix

The Pretenders - Don't Get Me Wrong

(Music Video Tribute to The Avengers)

Pathe Preview Film Clips


Honor Blackman

Patrick Macnee

Diana Rigg

Linda Thorson

Variety Club Awards - 1963

(featuring Honor Blackman & Patrick Macnee)

Avengers Collage - Peel the Reel
Lily Savage Parts 1 and 2

La La La

Helen's Serendipity
Helen's YouTube Channel
The Beatles Do Shakespeare
Helen's Kaleidoscope Extravaganza
Helen's Scenics Extravaganza
Helen's SciFi Renderings & Photos Extravaganza
There's Something About ...
2006 Awards Intro
Christopher Reeve Tribute