Helen provides Psychotherapy for couples, individuals,
young people, children, and families:

Challenges for Being Unique and Different
The Secrets We Keep and Needing to Air Them Safely
Gender Identity / Variance Issues
Grief and Loss

None of us is a one-size-fits-all person. We each have a uniqueness that is just ours.

If you have ever felt not heard, not understood, or not fitting in, then perhaps I can help.

I want to assure you that you will be heard, understood, and accepted for the unique soul that you, and only you, encompass; with empathy and understanding.

You can face yourself and face the world, living a healthier life with peace of mind. You will have my sensitivity and understanding to your uniqueness; my directness and honesty to your authenticity; and my 100% support in your ability to heal and grow.

What you will find is a psychotherapist who is:

Ms. Hill is a firm believer in the power of therapy to heal. Utilizing Direct Therapy, there is an experiential quality, whereby healing, illumination, growth, and recovery take place in the sharing of one's experiences in order to better understand them.

Ms. Hill's therapeutic goal is not that others follow a prescribed, cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all path; but rather that clients are able to embrace the wonderful unique individuals that they are with honesty, authenticity, and health.

Helen knows the Exploration and Challenge of Being Unique; she being a post-op transgender woman for many, many years. Helen brings a depth of real life experience, knowledge, understanding, and compassion. She understands and relates well to the issues people face simply because they are different.

Helen Hill is a graduate of Antioch University with a master's in Clinical Psychology. Helen also has degrees in History and Education. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of California
(MFC 47498).

She is a frequent speaker / guest lecturer on issues pertaining to human sexuality, psychology, gender, cultural issues, and women's issues.

Telephone: 310-779-7795 Email: helenhillmft@gmail.com

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